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We bring trust and teamwork to your organization by providing innovative team-building services. Championships are won when individuals become a team.

Team Building


At Game Seven Group, we’re all about turning individual players into an unstoppable team. Our team-building services are designed to instill trust, encourage collaboration, and inspire individuals to work together seamlessly towards a common goal. With our expertise and commitment, we revolutionize team operations, empowering every team to achieve championship moments.



  • Remote team building session with elite-level coach Lee Elias
  • Each session includes a short pre-meeting or questionnaire with the coaching staff to determine strengths and weaknesses.
  • Your team will enjoy a 45-minute interactive presentation followed by a Q&A.
  • The Zoom sessions will be recorded and sent to you.

Includes customized gift for each team member (up to 25)



  • Bring elite-level coach Lee Elias to deliver a customized team building session to your team in person that emphasizes motivation and bonding.
  • Each session includes a 30-minute pre-meeting with the coaching staff to determine the right direction for the session.
  • Your team will enjoy a 45–60-minute presentation on a predetermined topic, a Q&A session as well as a 30–45-minute physical team building exercise.

*Price if local to Philadelphia

$4,000 includes travel, VIP meal with Lee and team coaches, and customized swag for each team member (up to 25)



  • Training camp prep and execution
  • Monthly presentations with team building exercises for your team delivered on Zoom or in-person
  • One-on-one meetings with players for goal setting and PQ coaching
  • Copies of WIN available for all team members


Includes Travel

1 Spot Available per Season

Training Camp


3-day training camp including a 60-minute call with the coaching staff to determine direction, complete scheduling and organization of training camp for your team including talks, exercises, etc., access to Lee once a month for follow up, and copies of WIN available for $10 each.


60 Minute Discovery Session with coaches


Branded Schedule/itinerary Creation


3-5 intensive physical training sessions with a team-building focus


3-5 interactive team presentations focusing on essential topics found in discovery


Daily workshops focusing on the growth of a team bond


Post Training Camp Review with Coaching Staff


Monthly follow up with coaching staff


Availability to athletes throughout the season


Team Unity Gift for all players and coaches

Winning Moments



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