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We bring trust and teamwork to your organization by providing innovative team-building services. Revenue and productivity soar when individuals become a team.

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In today’s divided world, where individuals often exist in silos, Game Seven Group brings people back together to create united teams that can accomplish the extraordinary. Through our team-building services, we instill trust, foster collaboration, and inspire individuals to work seamlessly towards a common goal, helping your organization overcome challenges and start seeing big wins.



  • Our 1-hour Zoom team building session is perfect for remote teams.
  • Your team will enjoy a 35-45 minute presentation on a predetermined topic, with time for questions and discussion. Plus, copies of WIN available for all team members at just $10.
  • Want a customized topic? Add a 15-minute pre-session call to determine your team’s needs.



  • For in-person team building, our half-day LIVE session is the perfect fit.
  • Team dynamics expert, Lee Elias, will work with you in a 60-minute pre-call to determine the direction of the session.
  • During the team-wide presentation, your team will have the option for a Q&A and discussion.
  • We’ll also include a team building event and the option to create produced content for your team. Plus, copies of WIN available for all team members at just $10.

Includes Travel



  • This is an immersive twelve-month team building program that includes monthly sessions/events on-site or via Zoom.
  • Each team member will have one-on-one meetings with Lee Elias (if applicable) to discuss individual needs. Plus team members will enjoy a half or full day team building event every quarter.
  • We’ll also create customized content for your team throughout the year, and provide copies of WIN for all team members (up to 50).

Includes Travel
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