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What is team building and why do I need it?

“We are the guardians of team culture.”

Winning teams invest a lot of time and resources into cultivating and maintaining a team bond throughout the year (or season). Simply put, the process of discovering what makes a team tick is an art. Once established, you are merely at the STARTING point of team building. Nurturing and growing that bond is a process that Game Seven Group has mastered over the course of many years. We consider ourselves the guardians of team culture.

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Why is Game Seven Group the best organization for my team?

There is no cookie cutter approach to building a team bond. No two teams are the same and teams naturally evolve and/or collapse over time. In our 20+ years of experience we have worked with all types of teams ranging from multi-million dollar businesses to start-ups to nonprofits to professional and youth sports teams. The one common denominator between all of them is that they win!

Our personalized approach to each group and individual along with our proven pathway to establish team building ideals is how we continue to find success.

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How do I book Lee on my podcast?

In addition to being trained in broadcasting, Lee is an award-winning podcast host with well over 300 podcast episodes and appearances over the past five years, including the 2022 Hockey Podcast of the year, Our Kids Play Hockey.
In addition to being on the air, Lee is an expert community builder having amassed over 50,000 social media followers across his networks.

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How do I book Lee for my event?

Lee is an established and invigorating in-person and remote speaker that will inspire your team or audience to reach for the extraordinary.

Some of his recent highlights include speaking for:

In Person:

  • Young Entrepreneur Academy
  • Philadelphia Coaches Conference
  • NIO Summit
  • Direct Marketing Association of Washington D.C.
  • Hockey is Hockey


  • B’nai B’rith Youth Organization
  • Chamber Of Commerce
  • Collegiate Sports teams
  • The Coaches Site
  • Undergraduate and masters level courses in Sports Business

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How can team building help my business?

Business teams are no different than pro sports teams. The ability to get maximum performance out of your people while creating a championship level culture is essential if you want to achieve your “Wins”. Creating that culture takes an expert.

As a business owner himself, Lee has used his team building methodology to lead his own business, Hockey Wraparound, to world wide success. In under 10 years the company has sold hundreds of thousands of units, amassed a social following of 50,000, achieved global distribution and generated millions in revenue.

When we started Wraparound, we implemented the business and team building methodology that was written in “Think Like a Fan” and “Win ” and found massive success. While we have evolved those ideals massively since the start, they remain our foundation today.

If you want to join our roster of championship and award winning teams, schedule a 15 minute meeting with us here.

How can team building help my sports team?

Simply put, you cannot succeed or win without it.

Team building is often misunderstood even at the highest level of competition. Many assume that a single team dinner or team event will achieve a bonded team. The truth is, team building is not something that can be achieved. It is something that needs to be created, nurtured and protected throughout the season. Lee has specialized in that aspect of coaching for over 20 years and has won championships at every level.

If you want to join our roster of championship and award winning teams, schedule a 15 minute meeting with us here.

Recent Wins from teams Lee has worked with:

  • Fiesta De Hockey Challenge winners, Team Puerto Rico
  • Elite Prospects Champions, 2023, Philadelphia Junior Flyers U18 AAA
  • Potomac Patriots Junior Hockey, Best record in team history, 2022-23 season
  • Gold Medal, 2022 LATAM Cup, Team Puerto Rico
  • Six Time Champions, (2015-2023) Peterborough Phantoms, UK

If you want to join our roster of championship and award winning teams, schedule a 15 minute meeting with us here.

What guarantee do I have that this will work?

Winning championships is harder than anyone realizes. Even in pro sports, only one team of the 30-32 competing will win. It all comes down to how you define winning.

Our guarantee is in the work we have done. The teams, leaders and people we work with all find success.

If you want to hear from some of the teams we’ve worked with, click here.

How much time will this take?

Give us 20 minutes a week at minimum, and watch your team take shape.

Time is our most valuable commodity at work, home and everywhere in between. Even though the prospect of carving time out of your workplace’s busy schedule for team building may be uncomfortable, the results for the teams that we work with in BOTH business and sports is clear – more revenue, better retention, better teamwork, better morale, and more winning.

While we ask that 20 minutes be taken a week minimum, we will craft a team building process that works for you.

Let’s take a look at what this might look like for your team. Schedule a 15 minute meeting with us here.

How is our approach different?

We all know what physical fitness is. You go to the gym and, you work out, you eat right, you get in shape. You stop going to the gym and eating healthy, you get out of shape.
Your mind works the same way. So what are the gyms and healthy food for your mind?

We believe it’s Mental Fitness. Mental Fitness is the process of finding the exercises that work for you and your team to live in the present moment, focus on what you can control, and feeding your mind messages that are conducive to your growth as a person. Once discovered, you have to practice!

Just like the gym, different people require different equipment and exercises to work out. Game Seven Group specializes in creating and implementing a plethora of workshops and exercises to help teams bond and grow in order to be capable of accomplishing the extraordinary. It’s all about finding what works for your team!

If you are interested in learning more about mental fitness, download our free ebook here. [link to ebook pop sign up]



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